Integrity from Family to Flock 

My name is Bill Brown and I am the owner of Brown Bros. Farms in Paris, Ohio. Brown Bros. Farms started in 2011 with a pen, a piece of paper, and a passion for agriculture as part of a high school FFA (Future Farmers of America) project at the age of 16. Little did I know at the time that Brown Bros. Farms would not only allow me to sell high quality poultry products to consumers all over the country, but that it would also create the amazing opportunity to connect transparently with them. From the non-GMO feed we make for our birds’ breakfast, lunch and dinner to the lush green grass they have access to throughout the day,we get a great sense of satisfaction in knowing that we do our absolute best in producing the highest-quality poultry product from our farm to your table. 

Although I didn’t grow up on a conventional farm, my love for agriculture came from many hours spent with my Grandpa Junior while growing up. Growing sweet corn, going to tractor shows, or fixing equipment around the farm were some fond memories I have with him that ignited a spark. This spark for agriculture was immensely strengthened upon joining FFA in high school where I was given the opportunity to start an animal project. After thinking of different avenues, I decided to focus my project on raising and selling chicken products to family and friends, having no idea where this endeavor would take me.

After mowing the lawn for a woman in my local community (who also happened to be a manager for a local farmer’s market), I was introduced to farmer’s markets. Since 2011, I’ve had the opportunity to sell at farmer’s markets across the state of Ohio. I enjoy creating transparency with customers and our products so they can know how our poultry are raised from start to finish. A lot has changed since I first started out in the free-range poultry business. We’ve refined how we raise our birds, increased the number we raise, expanded our outlets we sell at and so much more. Our goal, though, has remained the same since we started- to have integrity from our family to flock. We take pride in being able to provide you high-quality poultry products and look forward to helping nourish your family for years to come.

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